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A thread has been started regarding the scrutineering of cars on a race night at NERCS.
It also ties in with the thread I started in May regarding the use of NSR cars & competition upgrades .
I have copied my response here as it will give you a clear guideline of the changes within class rules for 2012.
It also gives you ample time to prepare for the 2012 season.
A full set of rules will be issued in printed form before December 2011.

Over the last two AGM meetings I have requested that people rotate the duty of chief marshal & scrutineer.
Also that we have at least two marshals present trackside on every race.
This has never materialised.
It is very hard running a race night when there is often more than 25 attending,& it is no surprise if rule bending occurs when only one person is in charge of the evening.
However, if people are happy with this situation then they should accept what is allowed on the race track by me.

There has been much debate over recent months regarding what cars are allowed on the track.
We are in a situation whereby new technology is gaining ground at the club.
I fully understand that there are members who enjoy modifying cars for competition & I also realise that it is something which will always occur in this hobby.

The issue of what type of car is to be allowed in a class has been raised.
When the rules were laid down the paramaters were deliberately made vague.
I am not going to start having lists made of up of what cars are permissable for each class.
Classic & modern saloons can be represented by a touring ,rally or production car.
Classic & modern sports can be represented by a Le Mans, endurance or production sports car.
Both F1 classes are self explanatory.

Only the marshal can disqualify a car from it`s class, no one else!

Light weight bodies & interiors are banned.

There has been a lot of mention of tyres & hubs .
Rule 1b, 2b, 3b & 4b refer to the use of tyres on both types of saloon cars & both types of sport cars.
This rule stated that only stock rubber tyres could be used & was brought in pre NSR, Slot-It cars being introduced into the club.
We have overlooked this rule as people have added competition tyres onto slower cars to make them more competitive.
Therefore Rule 1b through to 4b will be cancelled from January 1st 2012.

It has been mentioned that the club use only one brand of competition tyre.
Whilst this is a very good idea it will be too impractical to implement.
However, WASP TYRES will be NERCS "preferred" competition tyre.

It would also be too difficult to scrutineer the wheels(& axles) on sports & saloon cars. There is also no rule which states the illegality of using replacement competition parts.
Therefore people should be allowed to use these parts on classic saloons, modern saloons, classic sports & modern sports.
A rule will be implemented which bans the use of wheels which are too wide or where a cars body has to be altered to accomodate the wheel.

With regards to pinion & contrate gear changing.
Rule l allows for this.
This rule shall continue for classic saloons, modern saloons, classic sports & modern sports.

The issue of motor size also pops up on a regular basis.
A maximum motor size of 22k is permitted throughout all classes.Period.

Plenty have requested class changes on Championship night over recent years.

With regards to pre 1968 F1 & modern F1 I am tightening up the rules from 1st January 2012.
With the exception of upgrading motor size to 22k(see below),all Formula One cars must be left as standard.
No changes to wheels ,tyres, axles ,pinion gear & contrate gear,guides & steering ect. will be permitted.
The addition of weights or ballast to the INSIDE of the car will still be allowed for competition.
No NSR or any other brand competition motor (even if it is under 22k),or any other performance part will be allowed in these cars.
Quite often people race vintage slot cars in the pre 1968 F1 class.Obviously original tyres are no longer available.Therefore non branded replacements are permitted (no NSR or similar performance tyres).
The use of self built kit cars within F1 is permitted. However a standard brass or plastic chassis must be used with no competition parts or tyres being permitted. Light weight F1 bodies are banned.

I am deliberately leaving the rules for the two saloon & two sport car groups lax as I understand that many of you like to develop your cars for competition.
I will be keeping a careful eye on developments during 2012 & reserve the right to change rules after giving members prior warning.
The new Formula One rules are the compromise.
This will leave two classes where driver ability alone & not necessarily your mechanical ability will win a race.

Please be aware of rule h4 on page one of the regulation sheet.
"the marshal can disqualify any car he feels has an unfair advantage over the rest"

Take note. The club accepts NSR cars & the like,but if any new technology is introduced during 2012 (or thereafter) which creates such speed in a model (or indeed greatly increases lap times of the field in general )or gives a racer an advantage over the rest of the competition it will be banned immediately.

NERCS is a 40 year old club closely affiliated to the largest classic car restoration club in the North East.
In that regard we are uniquely different to all other slot clubs in the country.
Please don`t forget the RESTORATION word in NERCS.

I`m trying to be as fair as possible whilst keeping the rules simple in order that everyone can get at least something from their evenings racing.
But bear in mind that it is not an easy task.
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