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Welcome to the forum Demontweeks.
As a member of the clubs committee maybe I can answer some of your questions. Firstly let me just explain that the committee and Scrutineers all have different views on how the rules should look. What we did though was try to adjust them to help reduce costs for members. How many times have you bought a car which you are then dissapointed with. I know many people get cars with wonky wheels etc.
With these rules you hopefully won't have to discard that car to the attic or fleabay.

Anyway here are some answers/comments to your questions/statements:

QUOTE 1 One of my slot cars which was previously unable to race in the non modified class because it had alloy wheels presumably can now do so?
As long as it is not in the list of disallowed manufacture types in rule 8 of the limited Mod rules in issue 4 of the rules then the answer is yes.

QUOTE 2 The border that now seperates Ninco pro class from 'non modified' is now much more blurred
Not really - See rule 8 again

QUOTE 3 To change rules mid year can cause lots of problems/difficulties (recent change to F1 diffuser/exhaust use) and can only increase costs for members. There should be set times in a year when rules are modified to save costs for members.
I agree, but as the club is very new, we said we would start with the original rules and tweek them when we saw problems in the first year. A number of people mentioned very similar problems, so we felt that they should be addressed sooner rather than later. As mentioned, these are to try and save members money. If your wheels are round then you don't need to change them.

QUOTE 4 I think that new members are going to be disadvantaged by this change of ruling. Wheel sizes/tyre sizes/standard rim size/gluing and truing etc etc I think that a further gulf will open between the haves and have nots (experience - non experience).
Interesting, I feel that there are at least 5 'experienced' members who are actively helping newer members and everyone has been told that they just need to ask. Dave has stocks of tyres, wheels etc. and will always help in the selection of the correct size. Dave brings his tyre truer every week, which he kindly makes available to all. I also bring a more primative form of tyre truing every week; power supply and sandpaper.

QUOTE 5 Solid front axle rule change, for goodness sake - if it doesn't work as standard don't buy that model. Should we really change a rule because one member has a slot car which doesn't conform to the standard - this really is the thin end of the wedge.
When you buy a new car, often via the internet, you often don't know what type of front axle configuration it will have, so how do people know not to buy the car? It hasn't been introduced because of one members car.

QUOTE Hmmmmm Well changes are changes so I can now dust off the Renault and prepare it for rally use........ Yipee
Remember that the rally classes come under the SlotRally rules rather than the Limited Mod rules.

QUOTE Try this one, I found this in the rules update of the 17th of February.
Tyres may be treated, but must not leave any residue on the tracks and will be subject to a paper test prior to the start of the event - no treatments may be applied between stages/runs'.
Hmmmm - What do you think?
This one I have to take personally as I put a bit of 3 in 1 on my tyres in between heats in a couple of classes where I am still using the cars original tyres. After a heat they lose their grip. I have the document you are referring to and I cannot find the "no treatments may be applied between stages/runs" bit you refer to. I have copies of the rules prior to and after this document and can't find it in those either. If you have a problem with me then please discuss it personally.

I must also say that my race Alfa (bought new) doesn't have an evo3 motor so I am successfully running what I assume is an Evo2 motor in this class. I do have another Alfa with an evo3 that I recently purchased from fleabay and I know that when the Mike's bought their cars one came with an evo 2 and the other with evo3.

The rule changes were discussed at great length by the committee and scrutineers before being issued so I'm sorry if they upset you or any other member. Please feel free to discuss any problems you have with us in person.
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