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We are thinking of running prototype Le Mans cars, we ran them in France at a 24 hour race earlier this year and they were very competitve, I will post the regulations on here in the next couple of days, if enough interest is shown we will be using them for a 6 or 8 hour race at Finchley in the next couple of months, I would be interested in any thoughts that people may have, sorry but it's still in French, but I'm sure you'll get the idea

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We will be glad to see your return Legsy. Long time no see. No doubt you have watched the videos of the new track.

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OK not a great response as yet... Stiil here is a brief run down of the rules/ideas

Teams of 3, 4,5 or 6 racers

The cars will all run with a supplied motor, which will be supplied by the organisers included within the entry fee, motors will be tested before the race and the 6 most even motors will be selected and then drawn in lots

The motors will most likely be the Ninco/Shark, NC5/6 style motor

Cars must be chosen from the list mentioned previously

Rear tyres (Slot it) will also be supplied 2 or 3 sets depending on the length of the race, again included in race fees

Tyre treatment will be supplied

The race will probably be 8 hours but if the preference is 6 hours it's not a problem

Front tyres are free choice

Rear wheels should be 15x8 or 17x8

Tyres to be kept within wheel arches

Pinion and contrate must be 9t and 27t respectively

Axles free choice

Rear axle bearings free choice brass type

No modification to the outside of body

No modification of the chassis only to add an adaptator to affix the motor

Motors must be inline

Guide is free as are braids but must be knitted type

If the body is loose from the chassis the motor must be fixed. But if the body is fixed on the chassis the motor can be loose

You can replace the pilot and the interior with a lexan figure to decrease the weight of the body, but the weight must be not less than 25 grammes including rear spoiler or 24 grams if the spoiler is attached to the chassis

Weight may be added in the form of lead or blu tack type and must be contained within the car body or chassis

There will be a minimum weight which has not yet been finalised but it will be around 96 - 98 grams

That's enough to be getting on with and hopefully whet your appetite, please let me know your thoughts, and if any clubs are interested either send me a message on here, on the website or you can call me at work on 020 8452 0739 Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 6.00 pm


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