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2018 rules are out on web page !!
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Unless my memory fails me, weren't sponge or foam tyres covered in sticky goop the thing to have during the original wood tracks of the 60's?
As you ask..........
Some clubs with routed tracks allow sponge tyres, some don't.
That's true today and has been true ever since the 1960s.
For many years almost everywhere that runs sponge tyres have insisted they are dry when put on the track, but that typically wasn't the requirement back in the 60s.
Presumably this club isn't considering joining the ranks of clubs that allow sponge tyres.
8 Mag Alloy Wheels + 8 urethane tyres is getting on for £100 which is a lot of money / I'm all about inter analogue club compatibility to help maximize racers numbers ☮ ✌
You need to get your figures right. If you really want to use mg wheels and not alloy, they are a tenner for 2 and a fiver for 2 tyres, that makes £30 per car .

Since we are running the open GT next Monday and time is running out, we will race with rubber as per last years rules.

Topic is now closed. Thank you all for your comments.
After long discussions we will run our 2018 championship with rubber tyres and not urethanes.
I will amend rules on Web page by tomorrow
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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