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Developing rules for clubs is quite a labourious task as Catman post on a new GT class shows. It took us 4 weeks of debate to finally agree to a new LMP class at our club. So what about a resource of rules that could be used, amended by anyone and maybe even a standard set agreed between clubs, SF wide etc to promote some consistency.

Anyway below are the rules for our Fly Classic series.

Jonny S - note these are the rules for the interclub mtg on 23/5 between you (Phoenix) and us (Wellingborough). Will send you a personal message with them as well.



● The following cars will be eligible to race:-

Ferrari 512S
Ferrari 512S Berlinetta
Ferrari 512S Berlinetta CL
Porsche 908/2
Porsche 908/2 Flunder
Porsche 908/2 Flunder Langheck
Porsche 908/3
Porsche 917K
Porsche 917/10 Turbo
Lola T70 Mk IIIb
Ford GT40

GB Track
Porsche 917 Spyder
Chevron B19
Chevron B21

This list is based upon Classic Sports/GT cars of the late 60's and early 70's that are of generally similar construction and performance.

If you think any car should be added to or removed from this list please let us know. New cars may only be added to up to 4 weeks before the start of a championship series.


1. Motors

Any eligible car must be powered by the following motor:-

Fly/Scalextric Mabuchi S

No modifications to the motor or motor mount are permitted.
Motor position in the chassis may not be altered in any way.
Motors and motor mounts may be glued into place.
Rear-wheel drive only is permitted.

2. Gears

Only gears manufactured by Fly or GB Track may be used.
The original gear ratio must be retained, i.e. 11t pinion and 36t spur gear.
Pinions may be glued to motor shafts and spur gears may be glued to axles.

3. Bearings

Any plain rear axle bearings manufactured by Fly, GB Track, Ninco or Scalextric may be fitted, and may be glued into place.

4. Wheels

Only plastic wheels fitted as standard to an eligible car may be used.
Wheels may be glued to axles.

5. Tyres

Only standard Fly or GB Track Classic tyres may be used.
Tyre treads must not protrude outside the car bodywork when viewed from above. Front axles must have any side-to-side movement restricted to comply.
Tyres may be glued onto the wheels, and may be sanded true.
Any tyre cleaner used must not leave a residue on the tyres or track.
Sponge tyres and tyre dressings ( goop ) of any kind are not permitted.
Silicone tyres must not be used.

6. Rear Axles

Rear axles are free, but see Rules 2 and 5.

7. Guides

Only standard Fly or GB Track guides may be used with no modification to the guide or guide mounting.
Guide to motor wires and pick up braids are free.

8. Front Axles

Front axles are free, but see Rule 5.

9. Lights etc.

Any car fitted with working lights etc. may have the light bulbs, LED's, wiring, PC board, etc. removed, but must retain all external lenses.

10. Ballast

Ballast weight may be added to any car as desired, provided that it is placed within the confines of the body and chassis and is firmly glued in place.
Traction magnets may be retained or removed as desired.

11. Body and Chassis

Bodies must be used complete and unmodified except as detailed below.
Bodies may be repainted provided that doing so does not distort the body.
Rear view mirrors and spare wheels and tyres may be removed.
All other detail parts must remain fitted.
Interior must be retained complete, include a driver, and may be glued in place.
Chassis must be the chassis originally intended for the car being used.
Chassis ride height may not be lowered in any way.
Body to chassis mountings may not be lowered in any way.
Bodywork fixing screws may be left loose and minor scraping or sanding of the body and / or chassis is permitted to allow the body to move freely on the chassis. This includes removal of any internal pegs etc. that rest on the motor, axle bearings or chassis sides. Removal of other parts of the body or chassis for this purpose is not permitted.
Adhesive tape must be placed over the body fixing screw holes to prevent screws from falling out.
When the car, race ready, is placed on a slotted, flat surface, all 4 tyres must touch the surface and all 4 wheels must rotate when it is pushed forward.


If the rules do not expressly say that you can do something then you cannot do it.

Index to amendments

Issue No Date Amendment

1 22/05/00 First draft.
1A 26/05/00 Allow the removal of mirrors.
1B 10/11/00 Add Porsche 908 Flunder Langheck & Porsche 908/3.
1C 24/03/01 Add GB Track Porsche 917 Spyder & Chevron B19/21.
1D 15/04/02 Add Fly Ferrari 512S Berlinetta CL.
1E 06/09/02 Add Fly Porsche 917/10 Turbo.
1F 06/11/02 Amend to allow Scalextric GT40.
1G 26/11/03 Add Fly GT40
1H 16/01/04 Exclude Scalextric GT40

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That is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to set the Slotforum Rule Commitee up for. Rule setting be very time consuming as Matt has indicated and can also be a source of argument as Coopdevil has experienced recently at the start of a new season at The Crypt.

If Coopdevil had gone to The Crypt armed with a print out of Slotforum Standard Rule Phraseology then they could simply have crossed out what they didn't want to use and include what they did want to use.

Create a standard phraseology of rules that can be adapted, altered, added to, but above all used by anybody to help them out with their club or event.

This surely has to be a useful resource?

Aren't you meant to be on holiday Matt?

Or has a bout of rule setting forced you to cancel!


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QUOTE Standard Rule Phraseology

Sorry, not possible... When you have written at least one set of water tight rules, you will know that they have to be tailor made. You can't just pick and choose bits, because this will leave loopholes, primed and ready for 'cheaters' to exploit. Trust me on this, anyone who has written proper rules will agree.


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Matt, why do we bother eh?

You and I understand but some folk here don't.

Basically if there are folk here willing to offer their time free of charge to formulate something that could be very useful in the future then please put your hand up. There are 100's of clubs around Europe and a resource such as this as Slotfroum could draw a lot of traffic to the site.


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I think a lot of that could easily be condensed whilst still remaining clear, but sometimes it's just easier to cover absolutly everything twice, just to make sure everyone's clear and that it's not open to interpretation.

As Jamie said though, box stock classic would have been quicker to write...


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I think the interchange of this kind of information is a really excellent idea and might, eventually, culminate in a reasonable agreement of what makes sense to most people, ie a set of basic rules that most people can agree and comply with. Knocking suggestions back and forth on the board could perhaps eliminate or at least minimise the unnecessary parts and conversely, fine tune in those little corollaries that are found to be needed for clarity where an area sill feels 'grey'.

Even just arriving at an agreed, standard layout of headings to be addressed would be a useful step, even if the detail within each heading might vary a little.
I like it.

Separate from this basic priciple and looking at detail, I am always concerned about wheels and axles. Being compelled to use originals can easily result in some people being unable to procure the exact wheel required with its axle hole guaranteed to be in dead centre! That is a real bummer sometimes. Obtaining straight axles can be a bit problematic too and I feel quite firmly that this should never be limited to original box standard as long as there are clear dimensional limits on the length or 'no part of a tyre to extend beyond body when viewed vertically from above ' would probably cover it well enough. But this is the sort of thing that can be discussed on a board and, hopefully, agreed upon.

· mac pinches
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gents this rule thing has come up so many times in the history of our hobby, it has been debated more times than there is stars in the sky! and one thing can be counted on, put it out for discussion and you will end up with piles of paper, no one totaly happy, up dates, bits added, or taken out, but this only satisfies your small group, another set of racers will discard them and use there own set, if we all did scatch built cars, then you could control it, but with rtr , each manufacturer puts out a car hoping it will grab a good slice of the market, so he produces something a little different ie inline, anglewinder, or across the back thingies, mag sus, etc etc etc, and this can be in one class!!!, to tie it all up so all products can race in the same class, i dont think so, but i supose you could run single car classes, again i dont think so. theone way that dose work is to have a benevolent dictator, someome who knows the hobby, what is liked and dislikes within his groupe, will listen to peoples likes and dislikes , then set out the rules to be run. some of the forum members may recall a touring car leaque, the rule book for that was thicker than yellow pages! they had tryed to cover every aspect, i got to page10 and thought who cares!! it sank without trace. may i say if you want a set of rules look no further than the porsche chalange, useing that as a base, it allows you to include many makes of car, you can mix and match{from agreed manufacturers} every one can obtain the parts and above all its FUN, PLEASE dont come back with "it wont be equal" or we are back with single car classes again. to sum up , if you run rtr cars you will allways have a problem trying to have an exact set of rules becouse the choise of product is so wide, keep it simple, but make it FUN!! cheers macp

· Allan Wakefield
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So my car for that series would be a trued and glued Chevron, 5 grams up front, behnind the guide and 2 grams just in front of the motor, magnet removed. Nothing else will come close IMHO.

· Matt Tucker
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Current champ runs a chevron
two of top 5 do with the other three being a very smooth 917k, a 917/10 and my ferarri 512s.

jonny - you ok with the 23rd?
min prep for this class incl:
glue everything, ensure you've got it nicely flexing, true tyres (fly classic are a bugger) add weight and ensure front wheels just touch the track with no slop and then varnish the front tyres

· Allan Wakefield
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If you guys want a trial run at a Rules formula, then I am sure we can set you up a seperate area to try it.

Moped and Mtucker666 seem to be the most interested - Do you guys want to give it a go?

One last thing that just struck me--

QUOTE ensure front wheels just touch the track with no slop and then varnish the front tyres

Isn't that against your own rules about adding stuff to tyres Matt?
Far better to turn them down more than usual and make them convex in cross section.

· Matt Tucker
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Fair point Swiss although no one has complained (I have not won the class yet though). One member baked his trued front tyres in the oven so they were nice and hard. The thing scraped around the track making a real racket but it was quite effective.

I'll happily post copies of all our clubs rules which can be organised in to a library resource allowing people to pick and choose ones if they want to develop or intro a new class in thier club.


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QUOTE I'll happily post copies of all our clubs rules which can be organised in to a library resource allowing people to pick and choose ones if they want to develop or intro a new class in thier club.

Also a great idea.

How do you all feel about a specific Club area within SlotForum for you to post your Club Race Series Rules?

They can be used for reference by those wantiong to attend your Club, can be used as basics for other CLubs thinking of running the same Series and possibly even developed into an Interclub Series basis.

Just a thought.

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A Good idea. It would be interesting and allow people to exchange ideas and try specific points.

I would add that before any set of rules can be compiled for mass use you do have to have to look at the aim of what you are trying to achieve. Clubs are very different and have differing priorities. I believe it is important to understand this before you can understand any club rules and specific points. Rules are there for the guidance of wise men...or the blind obedience of fools!

The rules should serve to bring people together and not the opposite with some individuals seeking the loophole. No law or rule ever written has covered everything so I feel that the spirit of the rules should be adhered to with the interests of the group in general the principal aim.

To encourage the closeness and variety of racing is a factor I would hold to be important. Let me finish by saying that other hobbies I am interested in are more complicated than Slot racing but still manage to have rules that can be enjoyed at a national and international level. I`m sure it is possible to evolve a set for slot racing,it`s just gonna take a while I reckon.
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