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On my joining of le mans slot car club (march 2011), i noticed the names of members that helped build the track and no longer race at the club.
After asking around, i was told they left due to CHEATING in the club.

On my 1st visit, i was lapped 10 times in every heat LMAO
( that was due to my cars being geared for short tracks and not handling too well). By my 3rd visit, my son and myself were ranking top 3 in our favorite classes, being SCX. On our 1st scx nascar event (RX42B powered), we trashed the club record, and did not have our time put up on the board (reason yet unknown). to may surprise, i then find out that the record was set by a PROSPEED powered nascar, that got THRASHED by our RX42B's LOL.
However, our cars were scrutineered, and a few objections were raised due to our motors having shiny arms due to TRUING, NOT BALANCING. My arguement is: WHY MUST I BUY 20 RX42B's, TO GET 1 GOOD MOTOR? What is illegal about making my motors achieve SCX's rated rpm for that motor? If truing wheels and tyres is ok, why cant i true my arm?

At the next event the club rules were REVISED: NO MODIFYING OF MOTORS
My motors are NOT modified. No windings removed, no special magnets, no special arms, or RX4H or prospeed arms. just plain old WELL TUNED RX42B's (FINE TUNED BY SHRIEK RACING. LOL LOL LOL MYSELF THAT IS

All was well and smiles everywhere when i was being lapped 10 times, but 2 weeks later, when everybody was chasing our screamers, you could feel the tension in the air. lol.

Now, i'm not saying i am the best, but when it comes to tuning a scx motor, i know how to do what scx quality control fails to achieve: GET ALL OF THE SAME TYPE OF MOTORS TO PERFORM THE SAME, AND GET RATED RPM AND EVEN HIGHER!!

IN scx rally, same story: My ford sierra RS Cosworth and my sons ford escort RS Cosworth GOBBLE the opposition. lol. Now, ANY pro slotter will know that faster motors does NOT equal faster lap times. We race box stock scx cars with box stock wheels and tyres. YET, we competing with scx cars that have aluminium rims all round and special aftermarket tyres. NOW, THAT HAS A GREATER EFFECT ON LAP TIMES, THAN AN EXRA 1000rpm. If the scx classes are stock, does'nt that include wheels? Not to mention i am using a carrera plunger throttle also modified by SHRIEK RACING, and the opposition is using HI TECH slot-it gizmo's.

As a VETERAN of 25 years in slot racing, and tuning, no doubt people will be asking WHAT do i do to my scx's that they so fast........ I just know how to find factory faults, and rectify them, and a whole lot of other things too lol.

Most forums state that a scx doesnt stand a chance againsta scaley
MINE DO! I now have a ALITALIA Fiat abarth with a RX41 dropping the socks out of Pro double rally's, prospeeds, and even RX4H's.

In the Ninco nc5 class, we had the same story: On my 1st race with porsche 997, i broke the club record (8.134) and put a new time of (7.912), only to be broken again by my son with his Zent Toyota Supra (7.792). 100% stock and fully legal. His time was put up, only to be found taken down on our next visit a few weeks later with no explanation.

To us it makes no difference really if the time is up on the board or not, the fact is we BROKE the record.
Thats what counts.

Though i did pay membership fee for 2011, i will continue to go racing there but as a visitor, as there is no point trying to chase a title when the points system is calculated on all classes put together, and not racing 1 or 2 classes just makes you fall way down the points table. So, i will just be racing for the fun and to socialise. The guys i met are fantastic and fun to be with. A really GREAT crowd.
Would have been great to have met the guys that put up such a fantastic track, who's names i only see.

Who knows, maybe someday they'l return.

Tony69 ( Shriek Racing)

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Hi matt. I will be posting video clips on facebook of my dyno runs on alot of my slot cars. some that have been trued and fine tuned, an d others that i have modified. the dyno video clips show rpm and torque readings ( in figures that show volts) but gives a clear indication of power gains compared to other motors, and you will see that the motors i build are wicked little monsters. Take a look at "Slotcars Shriek Racing" on facebook. thats what i am going to use for now to post pics and video clips. (Still converting video clips to FB format so be patient

Cheers, Tony
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