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I think there's nothing wrong with enjoying your cars whether they sit on a shelf (or in the back of a closet) or you run them on the track and possibly suffer some damage- just enjoy them. I too have run many cars that others would not dare to. It is too easy to avoid having fun with your slot cars because of some unlikely potential that the value could rise over time. Do not look at your slot cars as finacial investments, there are many better investment oppurtunities.

We are just lucky that slots cars are relatively inexpensive as compared to some of the other hobbies that my buddies are into.

Most of the real collectable slot cars are items that everyone had or everyone remembers but are now all used up from racing and having fun with. Most of the more expensive boxed sets will still be boxed and unused ten years from now. It'll be the supply and demand equation, so I don't expect these sets to rise greatly in value. However the cars that see a lot of use will bring back fond memories and will be desireable. I think cars such as the epochal first series of FLY Vipers and the in-line Scalextric NASCARS will be in demand.
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