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Well I'm now on my second bottle of de-ionised water, and I'm hooked on the method.

So far I've 'run in' SCX motors for the Panda, 1430 (Fiat 131) and Leon from new, and all 3 cars are quieter and smoother to drive. I didn't record any metrics for a "before and after" test, but the 1430 was transformed after the treatment. All three motors were run underwater, correct rotation direction, for about 3 hours, at 3v. One water change mid way, and a 5 minute blast at 6v +, before being removed from the water and given a good spray with WD40 whilst running. Wrapped in some tissue paper, the motors were then dried out in the airing cupboard overnight.

I also have tried the method on a couple of motors that have had some running.

My SCX Lancia 037 is one of the recent remoulds, and the engine was very notchy. I ran this underwater at 3 volts for about 3 hours, reversed direction or 30 minutes, and the back to correct rotation for 30 more minutes at 6v. A lot smoother and a tad faster - and my dyno says top end has improved from 22 to 24 kph.

The old Ferrari F40 was well run, and a bit slow compared to other F40s on the track. This time the motor was just run for just over 2 hours underwater, rotating in the correct direction. Again the dyno says an increase from 20 to 22 kph.

Of course this doesn't mean a thing if I don't get points at club nights, so I'll post again once some of the treated cars are raced.
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