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Hi PaulH

Looks fine.

Scalextric was made under licence by Novo in the USSR back in the seventies.

To my knowledge this is the only set that was made.

Both cars differ from their UK cousins. The green ;Mirage' car is a grey green colour and the yellow Lambo is a pale yellow. Difficult to tell from photos, but they should be stamped on the chassis made in the USSR.

The hand controller and track should be exactly the same, however it's worth checking for any made in the USSR stamping. A yellow hand controller in this form is a little different, but not unique.

One of the reasons for there being one one set, was that the sets started turning up on market stalls in the UK. The product was not as good a quality as the UK product and obviously a lot cheaper!

Scalextric had people sending their sets to them for repair/replacement etc.

I belive they withdrew the license.

Each car in good condition is worth between £15 -£20 each. And to be honest the track and box etc, is probably worth no more than a fiver.

All in your set is worth about £35 - £50.

The complete set is of more interest than the cars on their own.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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