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RX to FF adapter

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Can anyone tell me where to source these?

Its a RX to FF adapter. I thought Pink Kar made them but can't seem to find them.

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These Teamslot adapters should let you adapt just about any of the standard FC/FK130 or RX motors to the old open frame chassis.

checkout this page to see all spares:

You could also use a new version of the RX open frame motor from Teamslot (TS1) or Pink Kar support RV012 which includes the small HO type motor(these are pretty hard to find)

Hope this helps.
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Not that many years ago (around 2003 I think for the Merc 250 Ref 5032NG). You can see one at the Spanish site for fakes:
The Reprotecs were repops of the Scalextric(Exin) with a couple update changes.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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