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RX41 into NC5

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This is my first post, so I hope it's not one that everyone reads and gasps, 'D'oh, how can he not know that...'

Anyway, I've a Ninco Clio with an NC5 Speeder motor. Nice car, but the club I go to only races RX41's. - Is it possible and easy to mount an RX41 in my Clio?

I have no access to anything beyond basic domestic tools, so would appreciate guidance along the lines of buy this adapter or that plate etc rather than having to make anything.

All help much appreciated!
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Thanks for all the replys so far - and the words of welcome.

The clio is indeed the recent one with suspension. - I was aware that for the 'early' cars fitted with an NC1 motor that a conversion plates was available - just wasn't sure about these newer motors.

So if I really want to run a Ninco rally car with an SCX motor, the ONLY car I can use is a recent Subaru in conjunction with the 80826 chassis.

Looks like I've got to go shopping! - Cheers all.
QUOTE Why doesn't your club drag itself into the 21st century and use NC5, we have a Clio class at our club and it provides the closest racing we have on our calendar though out the year.

Perhaps my initial post was a little simplistic - The class concerned is 'Ninco Rally' and motors allowed are NC1 and RX41 - This class has existed for a few years - I've been a member a few weeks.

My question was borne from the fact that I have a recent 'Ninco Rally' car albeit with an 'illegal' motor.

Gives me 3 choices;

1. Get an old Ninco Rally off an online auction or similar
2. Put a 'legal' motor in my car - hence this thread
3. Don't race this class

Option 3 doesn't really appeal (D'oh!) and I've not found an old Ninco Rally to buy, but thanks to the help posted earlier I know that option 2 isn't really an option with a Clio.

Thanks again all for the guidance.
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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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