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RX41 into NC5

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This is my first post, so I hope it's not one that everyone reads and gasps, 'D'oh, how can he not know that...'

Anyway, I've a Ninco Clio with an NC5 Speeder motor. Nice car, but the club I go to only races RX41's. - Is it possible and easy to mount an RX41 in my Clio?

I have no access to anything beyond basic domestic tools, so would appreciate guidance along the lines of buy this adapter or that plate etc rather than having to make anything.

All help much appreciated!
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The RX4 is a longer motor. If you want to fit it you will have to modify the chassis.

If this is allowed, then I suggest you buy a Ninco "Spanish Motor" adapter, cut out the appropriate rectangle from the chassis and glue it in.

If not, buy a Ninco Scooby and buy the alternative chassis, which accepts the old mounts.

The actual motor is too long for the chassis hole. It simply will not fit, no matter how much cutting of the motor shaft.

Here's the Scooby chassis (Part 80826):

Unfortunatly, they dpn't do this kind of chassis for any of the other new cars.

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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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