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RX42B motor prices

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With the recent problems at SCX the supply of spare parts in the UK has been virtually non-existent so, having a need to buy some RX42B motors, I have been obliged to look further afield for supplies.

Now, even if they were available, I would need to pay in excess of £12 for one in the UK. I have just bought some from the USA for £7.20 each, including shipping from the other side of the Atlantic. Moreover they arrived on my doorstep in just 5 days which is better than some UK suppliers can manage.

So who is making an excess profit here then?

Anybody know a US supplier of SCX NASCAR rear axles and tyres?
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Have you made allowances for variations in taxes and the like?

I think you're probably pointing the finger needlessly. Manufacturer and distributor won't be 'overcharging' as you put it. Costs are higher in Britain and the little increase required to cover the variations have to be taken into account on every step of the supply chain. The price of warehouse space, the price of transporting product, the price of power. Each thing may only have a small extra cost in individual comparison but they multiply with each move that a product makes.

If you run comparisons on everything from property, to fuel, to the price of a steak or a bottle of wine, you'll quite probably find it's cheaper in the US. We suffer the same problem in Australia. Countries' economic systems are set up to accommodate their citizens. The fact is that they were set in place before the ability to move things from one economy to another.

But if you investigate to the baseline of the citizenry I think you'll find that it levels out somewhere along the line. In the US it seems to happen when one is in trouble and in need of support and none exists.

It certainly means that currently you have the ability to take advantage of the system differences. And it's up to each individual to decide if they should.

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Excuse me CJA, sir, but I think you should direct that comment to CMOTD rather to myself as he was the one whinging, not I. I was merely endeavouring to offer just one line of reasoning as to why the price differential exists.

In fact. Although I can't afford to purchase them due to my current personal circumstances, I think we are rather spoilt with the low prices of slot cars at the moment. And, if you look historically through my posts you will notice that it is an opinion that I have voice often when 'pathetic whinging' about slot car prices comes about.

Indeed John, that's why I said it was up to each individual to make up their own mind on it. But it must also be noted that unsupported local outlets can not survive.

If there is little manufacturing sector because it's moved off shore at least partly due to our demand for cheap goods and there is little retail sector because it has moved offshore due lack of consumer support there is a large slab of employment opportunities that are gone.

QUOTE (stoooo @ 26 Jul 2012, 19:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry, I forgot to comment on this bit, which is the epitome of 'Rip Off Britain'. SCX knows that the Americans will only pay so much for a product, and prices it accordingly. They know that Brits might complain, but will still part with their cash at a higher level, so they price it differently in that market. Such is the nature of business; businesses exist to make a profit. Without profit, a business will close and the people involved will go off and do something else with their time. You can't blame businesses for trying it on in this way.
Part of the premise here is incorrect. I think America is seen, largely, as a huge relatively untapped market. On the slot car side of things 1/32 still makes up a relatively small portion of slot car sales. So many savvy manufacturers are aiming at cracking the US market. SCX, and more lately Carrera have been directing things toward this end. Perhaps Dave Kennedy is much to do with recognition of both manufactures of the US potential. Pioneer, when manufacturing, are also obviously aiming at the American market with their choice of models.

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