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RX42B motor prices

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With the recent problems at SCX the supply of spare parts in the UK has been virtually non-existent so, having a need to buy some RX42B motors, I have been obliged to look further afield for supplies.

Now, even if they were available, I would need to pay in excess of £12 for one in the UK. I have just bought some from the USA for £7.20 each, including shipping from the other side of the Atlantic. Moreover they arrived on my doorstep in just 5 days which is better than some UK suppliers can manage.

So who is making an excess profit here then?

Anybody know a US supplier of SCX NASCAR rear axles and tyres?
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Thats the free market for you Embs, It not MORALLY wrong to take advantage of it. People make billions, trading on exchange rates. A few years ago the dollar was 2-1 and i got all my parts from the states. i still do coz it works out cheaper even with p&p on top. the Euro,s heading that way too. john
I will allways suport my local shops, but liveing in darkest cornwall. the nearest toy shop that sells slotcars is over 100 miles away, let alone a specific slot car model shop. So it has to be the internet and i,m looking for the cheapest prices, sale items ect. i,d willingly pay a bit more to support my local model shop if we had one. john
Just to go off topic. We pay the second highest price for diesel in the World WHY? Diesel takes less refineing, so it should be cheaper than petrol. Do you remember when it was 2/3 the price of petrol. goverments can and do treat us as idiots. Viva la revolution. john
SCX do a motor mount to take different sizes of motors. john
hy Petestrike, thinking about it your right. it was also the time the government was pushing us to buy diesel cars, on the grounds of fuel consumption-green ect. when everyone did, they lost a lot of fuel tax,nothing to do with the cost of producing it. in fact in the big supermarkets, they limmited the amount of cooking oil you could buy and you dont see the gallons of economy oil you could once buy. john
It was my understanding that you had one big refineig tower with taps set at certain heights to draw off the product and the higher up you went, ie petrol the more expensive it got. diesel being way lower in the refineing process. i,ve probably been naive and simplistic all these years. john
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