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RX42B motor prices

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With the recent problems at SCX the supply of spare parts in the UK has been virtually non-existent so, having a need to buy some RX42B motors, I have been obliged to look further afield for supplies.

Now, even if they were available, I would need to pay in excess of £12 for one in the UK. I have just bought some from the USA for £7.20 each, including shipping from the other side of the Atlantic. Moreover they arrived on my doorstep in just 5 days which is better than some UK suppliers can manage.

So who is making an excess profit here then?

Anybody know a US supplier of SCX NASCAR rear axles and tyres?
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G'Day Ember.

Do you know, when I started one of my businesses, importing mining gear from Australia to the UK the ER was 2.7 : 1.

That was 2.7 Aussie dollars to 1.0 GB £.

Today that stands at 1.5 : 1.

Now, I have made no bad decisions, no bad judgements, and a good product for which the demand is strong.

But, by virtue ( ?? ), of Bill Clinton policy, and UK Gov uselessness, I am now making £80k less per year.

Positive comments only please.

All I am saying is, get your pathetic winging about the price of a slot-car in perspective !! Eh ??.

vbr Chris A.
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