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Sad slot car habits?

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Has anyone else out there got sad slot car related habits, or is it just me?
After I`ve been using any vintage Scalextric slot car I automatically (& without thinking) turn it over & sniff the motor...
I also kiss my Jouef cars after every use!

Would be nice to know that it`s not just me who`s a bit weird.
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Fortunately Kev has restricted this to slot car bad habits, because you really don't want to know about his others

That said I suppose my habit is that most evenings, accompanied at some point by some fine English ale, I slope off into my garage and despite promising to only have an hour or so a'tinkering and a'twiddling, I end up in there until she who must be obeyed has to come and physically remove me. I just loose all track of time I guess

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