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I use the SSDC variable pacer car feature for this.
I have a pretty large track (90 ft / 26 mtr) with lots of R1 bends as well as a long straight and got it working ok and can run exciting races against it. Good laptime is around 11 seconds (good human driver) and I have my pacer target laptime at 11,2 seconds. This leads to nice races as I only can win if I run consistent laptimes of 11 seconds all race long and don't crash or only once.
I must say my pace car has a magnet in the back position and the cars I race with are nearly magless. This way the pacer doesn't need to be pused to the limit.

I created some tools to edit the recorded pace data so I can fine tune the playback very precisely (See fastest laptimes in excel topic).
Best way to start is with a constant throttle as much as possible and add some speed to the long straight section and decrease some speed in twisty r1 sections.


- After a track call, the pace car drives at the last throttle value stored for that car and track (this is usually the speed at which a lap ends) until the start line is crossed, so acts like a standard throttle pacer for the remaining of the lap. When the power base is crossed, it returns to a variable pacer.
This behaviour leads to the fact that the last recorded value for a lap must be a speed at which the car can do a lap without crashing. So the less track calls you have, the better the pacer is.

- When the pacer is touched or slowed down by another car, so that a pacer has a slower lap than normal, the software corrects the pace data and the pacer will speed up and deslots sometimes. So the pacer must never be touched

- pacer cannot do pit stops, so fuel burning races and pacers is not a good idea.

I usually have pretty exciting races with pacers as i use 1 variable pacer in 1 lane and a slower constant throttle pacer (a VW beetle :) )in the other lane.
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