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B Final:
Kevin and Kate were very close, swopping the lead 5 times till around lap 9, where Kevin upped his pace a little and by lap 16 was half a lap up, and then maintained this to take the win, with Kate 2nd , and choice of lane in the A final.

A Final:
Andy went straight into the lead, with me trying to hang on, and it was exactly the same for Trevor and Kevin. I just couldn’t keep up with Andy, he was 0.15 a lap faster. Kevin hung onto Trevor until lap 6 when Trevor got into his consistent mode for the rest of the race taking 3rd and Kevin 4th.

Andy 25
Keith 23
Trevor 21
Kevin 20
Kate 19

Slot.It (No points just positional results)

Kevin and Trevor improved their PB’s.
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B Final:
Kate and Kevin again, but this time Kate reversed the tables, and just stayed in the slot, all the way to a win, getting choice of lane in the A Final, leaving Kevin 2nd.

A Final:
This final was all about 2nd place between Trevor and Andy, they both seemed to feel the pressure, Trevor had 2nd till lap 6, when Andy took over, subsequently leading to a close battle until lap 24, when Trevor got it back taking 2nd spot, I was happily in 1st place and listening to the pair of them. So, Andy 3rd Kate 4th.

Next week: Slot.It for points and F1 Club Cars as a 2nd class.
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