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B Final:
Kate managed to keep Alan in her sights until lap 10, when Alan stepped up the pace, pulling steadily further ahead every lap, and taking the win with Kate 2nd.

A Final:
I shot straight into the lead with Andy a whisker behind me, with Trevor and Alan very close. There was an off on Lap 3, and Alan got passed Trevor, for the next 3 laps, then another off on lap 6 and things then changed, Trevor managed to get back passed Alan, but only for a lap, I was then suddenly a whisker behind Andy. For the next 6 laps Trevor was 0.1 behind Alan and I was 0.1 behind Andy. Alan then started to increase the gap from Trevor, and Andy did the same to me, and that’s how it stayed for the rest of the race. Andy 1st, Me 2nd, Alan 3rd, Trevor 4th.

Andy 25
Keith 23
Alan 21
Trevor 20
Kate 19

Andy has had a clean sweep of wins with max points to win the Saloon Championship. Congratulations to Andy.

Next week: Slot.It for points and Handicap Challenge with F1 Club Cars
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