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saloons round five

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is there any stopping nigel hat trick again won meeting lap and race time records . we used the 8mile track with interesting results had a decent turn out with great mix of cars .here is the maths 18 drivers 24 races 18 qualifying heats 6 finals 4.6 seconds was the race pace 5 under this time 3 under 4.5 seconds 1 under 4.3 seconds 8 qualifying points upwards B-A finals 7 points down C-F finals . race control done a great job banging through the races shelia and brian done a fantastic job keeping everyone refreshed and thanks to everyone who attended you guys make this club great .........................
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hi sigma51 nigel runs a spirit peugeot 405 coupe a plain white one in the ssloon class i will ask him to post some pictures ...jimbo
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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