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We have all encountered the same issues with trophies being the same old repetitive ones and how dull some of them can look on display, unless your willing to spend a small fortune.

A conversation one evening, whilst discussing the sign that I made for the local club room, led to the topic of how good and different it would look shrunk down and as a trophy.

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A bold claim of that'd be easy enough to do, started the cogs turning.

After a couple of weeks, abit of designing, laser cutting, welding and some powder coating, 2 trial ones were finished.

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The positivity and excitment from the members down at the Melton and District Model Club to have something unique compared to the standard cup or shield, led to conversations about using them for the club trophies and what possible colours I could get hold of.

A few months have passed and here we are a decent end result.

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A random idea turning into the finished trophies dropped off at the club awaiting for club logos and the name plaques to be applied and handed out for the annual championships and potential future events over the next year.

I know this isn't a for sale section but If there would be any interest in these I can look at pricing them up and availability to make more.


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