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same ratio dfferent gears

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hy would some one like to explain the different combo,s, and why. take a 3-1 ratio, the standard is 9-27. going to extremes, what about 7-21 or 11-33 there must be a difference and i,d like to know. a euro sport runs 6-1 6-36 why. john
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A not expert take. Are all pinions the same diameter? I think so, 5.5 for in line. Tooth count and mesh aside

11:33 requires a larger spur gear so torque is multiplied. 8:24 is the same but the torque to the axle is reduced.

So wouldn't 8:24 give less tendency to break away under acceleration?

Now this all goes out the window on a Fly truck with 8:27 as the tyres are bigger so torque at the contact patch is reduced.

I suppose the same goes for angle winder with 6.5mm but my head hurts.
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QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 24 Apr 2012, 17:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No, torque multiplication is simply a product of the gear ratio (excluding losses) not to do with gear sizes

You'll have to explain that to me.

Assuming gears have 64 pitch and if an inline pinions are at 5.5 then 11/33 would have a 0.5 inch dia. spur but at 8/24 the spur would only be .375 dia. So the force acting on a 33T has a moment of 12% (.25-.18/.18 ) larger than the 24T.
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