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same ratio dfferent gears

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hy would some one like to explain the different combo,s, and why. take a 3-1 ratio, the standard is 9-27. going to extremes, what about 7-21 or 11-33 there must be a difference and i,d like to know. a euro sport runs 6-1 6-36 why. john
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27:9 seems to be the basic setup for 1/32 inline cars but what is it with sidewinder and anglewinder cars is it 36:12? - I think Ninco run a 34:12 and I think some of NC-2 cars have 33:11?
Then with the 1/24 cars we use 44:11 or 38:10

So there are obviously factors at play such as wheel size that require one to expend some brain power to understand it all

so far I have worked out that on my track a 27:10 is about 3/10 quicker than the same car with a 27:9 ratio so I will race that setup

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1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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