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Same speed racing

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Hi to all, I am new here but not to racing, I've been a fan for years and recently managed to get my kids into it by converting to digital

But, i have a problem...

I have an old type 6 car powerbase, version 1.5.

all was fine until i realised that i could go round the whole track at full trottle
at first we could only do that with 4-5 cars on the track and now it's like that with only 1 or 2

Can somebody shed any light on this as you can imagine it's not much fun like this
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Thanks for that Mr Flippant

I am considering the newer version but as you said...a bit pricie

A member said there may be a fuse inside or blown processor, all of which i will try to check these first.
I just have to try and find where i read's somewhere in here
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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