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I had my track opening night a few weeks ago, heres a few pics.

The shed at night. (Look at all of the sticky beaks !)

Two cars clash in the corkscrew.

A couple of V8 Supercars through turn 3.

Justin on his way to 5th place in the Murphy Commodore through the Bathurst Cutting.

Going over........

New comer Lindsay, found the corkscrew a bit tough with the Orange Arrow's.

Justin on his way to his first podium finish.

An overall shot of the track from the outside of the garage.

Right half of track from other side.

All the guys.

Formula One results

Chris 8.46
Justin 8.56
Paul 9.13
Lindsay S 9.22
Denis 9.39
Zimmo 10.01
Lindsay H 10.06
Bob 12.53

The left hand side of the track needs a bit more work to finish as I ran out of time before the opening.

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Thanks for the comments fellas. Track build and scenery tutorials are available

Medals and trophies were given out to the top three in each class. F1's and V8 Supercars were raced on the Saturday of the Aus GP on April 1st.

Right half of track has a great flow to it as the cars wind through the flowing corners and ups and down. Left side is a bit more stop start.

Sittin on a chair at track height and watching cars make there way through the Bathurst section of track is very cool ! I do hope to put a video together as soon as I finish the left hand side of the table.

Hi Lim, I think you might be right about the local post man, we do have another race coming up soon. See auslot for details.
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