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sanding or cutting Ninco track

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Has anyone tried sanding or cutting Ninco track?
The reason I'm asking is that I have my track set up as a single lane rally with loops and ice track section but have a problem with the ridge moulded around the edge.
I would like to remove the ridge from the outer edge of the track so my cars can slide out on to the border I have both inside and outside the ice track. I have the ice track set up as 1/2 Sraight, R2 Curve, R1, R2,R1 then 1/2 straight. I get some great slides when going around the inside, up to 90deg with some cars but hane trouble with the outside lane.
At the moment the only one of my 4 cars that can ride the ridge in a slide is not even a rally car (Pionier Mustang). My Autoart Evo de-slots due to the shallow guide if I try to slide it over the ridge and my Mk1 Cortina has very low clearance and grounds on the ridge. The Ninco car that came with the World Rally set will not ride over the ridge.
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Thanks for all the advise.
After a small test think i will go with scuderia_turini and cut the ridge from outside edge of the ice track with a stanley knife.
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