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Satanic (?) digital comparison......

4686 Views 36 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  Mr-X an anti-collision system for digital races simillar to driving with magnets??????

When driving with magnets your car does not drift a lot, so kicking your oponent off his track is rather hard.

An anti-collision system for digital races would do the same (at crossovers).

I know the question is a little satanic, but what is your opinion...?????


24h GT Salzburg
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IMHO any kind of anti collision device will take the skill away from racing. All you have to do is leave the throttle wide open and the anti collision device will drive the car for you - not good.

I thought motor racing was a non-contact sport?!!

Yeah verily, forsooth and verily what witchcraft be this, wherest the little cars taketh it upon themselves to changest lanes, so as to "get one over" on thine opponents? Verily (that be thrice verily!) this di-gital is a tool of the devil, it hast the mark of Old Nick's sweaty armpit upon it!

T'will be the sworn duty of Baron Difflock de' Capri, Switchfinder General to the Slotting world to hunt down this di-gital....and give it a good looking at! That he may no longer sit upon the fence of decision, which is a mite uncomfortable

Apologies for the last two paragraphs Nico! As English isn't your native language, it may be hard to understand, but it's just a little Olde Worlde humour

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It's a good one this isn't it? I was envisaging the anti-collision device to be some kind of proximity sensor (don't ask me how!
) which would eliminate the need for braking to avoid stuff.

You are of course right, Peter in that a wide open throttle will cause a de-slot on a curve, it was just me implying that digital racing could be a no-brainer depending on the route it takes (sorry about the pun!)

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Lotus, I'd choose answer ( b ) - situation normal, all f..... up! Why should you jeopardize your own race whilst in a turn? It's tricky enough at the best of times, let alone if you upset the car by braking etc. Like Fergy, I'd let them by on a straight.
Mayb that's why Pendle don't want my Dodge Charger competing in their tin top races with the little hot hatches

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1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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