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Satanic (?) digital comparison......

4672 Views 36 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  Mr-X an anti-collision system for digital races simillar to driving with magnets??????

When driving with magnets your car does not drift a lot, so kicking your oponent off his track is rather hard.

An anti-collision system for digital races would do the same (at crossovers).

I know the question is a little satanic, but what is your opinion...?????


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I think that the question and idea is much better and interesting than the first impression it might give initially.

If there would be a 'anti-crash' technology built in the digital systems, this does not obviously mean that the driving would require less skill. In fact the driving skills required might be just as great as any other racing (includes any preferences magnet / non-mag racing). The interesting thing is that the focus for the driver would be on driving style, driving strategy etc, this means driving well. To drive into cars on a real race track is not always supported by existing race regulations and drivers do sometimes get punished for 'ruthless' driving etc. So I would say that there ARE regulations on real tracks and I see no reason why there could not be certain regulations implemented in digital racing - but to make it possible for racers to concentrate on racing instead of 'regulations' and different (impossible?) manual implementation of those 'regulations' some of these issues could be taken care of by the digital (anticrash?) system. Ofcourse some crashes will occur anyway - but it might ease some of the more straighforward mistakes due to short distances and overscale speeds. It might make the digital racing even more fun than the current non-digital one.

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QUOTE (Difflock @ 12 Apr 2004, 15:38)IMHO any kind of anti collision device will take the skill away from racing. All you have to do is leave the throttle wide open and the anti collision device will drive the car for you - not good.

I thought that 'anti collision' device would not be 'driving' the car - just 'braking' in those particular occasions when you would for certain run into a car infront of yours? e.g. If you leave the throttle wide open you would still deslot for example? Also not all collisions would be anticipated, e.g. driving into deslotted vehicles etc...

ofcourse If you meant 'anti-collision' to include 'anti-deslotting' the whole driving 'experience' would be slightly different from the one I envisioned.

This idea of yours would open up a whole new hobby for me (e.g. hacking into the digital system - the one with the best hacker skills wins).

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1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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