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Satanic (?) digital comparison......

4658 Views 36 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  Mr-X an anti-collision system for digital races simillar to driving with magnets??????

When driving with magnets your car does not drift a lot, so kicking your oponent off his track is rather hard.

An anti-collision system for digital races would do the same (at crossovers).

I know the question is a little satanic, but what is your opinion...?????


24h GT Salzburg
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i've got some DAVIC experience but never more than 3h race...

QUOTE there was(is and will be) a rule that if you are a faster car and you are in the same lane as a slower car (which is infront of you) it is the duty of the driver of the faster car to see how he overtakes the slower car; the slower car may stay in his lane.
-second importaint rule: if you crash into a slower car infront of you and deslot him (for example infront of a corner or in a corner; just like in real racing!!), you get a stop and go penalty in a dedicated stop and go area (outside lane opposite of the pit lane).

i don't think you need more exept when driver are nervous... some stop & go are rejected and this is not possible, i thing a leader marshall should be find and it will be him who will have the next word (dernier mot... i don't know the english word


the stop and go is a very bad thing in a race and you'll think twice time before putting out of the track another driver
and it's normal that a slower car whitch is running with you keeps its line! it's the race to overtake it!! is you clear the track before a faster, there will be less interest!

well after, why not looking for pitstops why fuel

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well i don't understand every thing but i'v got the case last thurday, on a Davic 3h race, i was Second, and i was bored by my controler... we finaly changed it, and every thing came back in the right way.

but when i was with troubles, the third one, who had been came back just one meter behind me was saying each turn

"Putain il me block, s'il était sympa il se pousserai, putain ca fait chier je suis au ralenti..."

that's means... about...

"****e he block me, if he was a good guy he would go away from my line, ****e ****e ****e i'm driving so slow..." (french translation.. sory

And i'm not agree... first as some said here, if he was so fast and so better than me, he should overtake me without any problem, second, we where in a race and we were racing for the second place, i was defending it, and he was trying to keep it to me, and i think i don't have to let him my line because he is behind me, if we do this, why racing??? why using a changing line system? this system bring the race "traffic jam" simulation...

if someone is behind one who is 10 lap on late, ok, he have to change line and keep the race going, but if they are in the same lap... let the race find it's champion!

other thing, i'm agree to say that if a beginer put (general 'you') 'you' out of the track, most of time it's your fault because you know that he is a beginer, and you have to race with this... i think this is the difference between good pilots and good drivers : both are able to run very fast, but the first one know how to manage a race, with race events...

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just a precision : put out another car in a digital or a classical system is a mistake (fault!?) and the one who do that have to be punish (stop & go, drive through a slow line...)... i think it's a normal rule and an internationnal rule... even if the one who did this was the first...

after if you are "fighting" for a place... it's the race to protect his place as it's the race to try to keep it... don't you thing it better to win a place that to be given a place? if the "fight" is a fair race with all the necessary etiquet... no pb for me... on a digital or a classical
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well i think in fact we are all agree and i'm ok to say that if i'm on late about one who is behind me i have to let him the line, and i do this because it's fair, but when the both are racing for the same place (ex, 2 and 3 or 1 and 2) i think it's different it's forbidden to deslot the other, to push him or to disturb the pilot, but if you can resist (i don't think block is the good term!) i think you should do : nothing is inevitable in a long race : you don't know he can have mecanical problems, he can be tired before you, he can "deconcentrer" (??? lose his attention...) this is an endurance race and one more time: if the second one is very faster than you, he'll won't have any problem to overtake you, and changing line, overtake, and coming back is a very pleasant thing it's put you... don't know eglish word "as a star"

i think each actuel digital (DAVIC) pilot would tell you the same don't you?

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thanks !

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