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Satanic (?) digital comparison......

4659 Views 36 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  Mr-X an anti-collision system for digital races simillar to driving with magnets??????

When driving with magnets your car does not drift a lot, so kicking your oponent off his track is rather hard.

An anti-collision system for digital races would do the same (at crossovers).

I know the question is a little satanic, but what is your opinion...?????


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Well-said, Fergy. I would imagine if a person enters a MCPL race they want the full experience and set of responsibilities of the experience. That includes not ramming slower cars (perhaps other classes) in a particular lane.

The slower car would not intentionally block the faster car, but the faster car should be looking to overtake and keep going.

I would not want a machine telling me when I can change lanes or how close I can get on the tale of another driver as long as I do not brake the rules and deslot the lad (or lasse).

Good points, Lotus, all.

I think the "Keep it simple" approach is the way to go in most cases. You will always have a more hardcore bunch that are more than happy to abide more strict rules.

If I were a slower driver I would want/try to get out of the way of a rocket, realizing that hey may just overtake me. If he's not going around me then I may try to move out of the way if the place is right.

The R/C guys cut eachother off all the time. They even flip a car/truck every now and again that the marshalls put upright. I don't see them leaving their hobby. We are getting closer to more realistic racing which has its high and low points (if you just like the simplicity of going in circles).

In either case slotters should have the choice of running either traditional or digital/LC and not be forced. The slot cars themselves should allow you to run either way...without excluding customers or driving the prices through the roof.

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Great discussion. Elicend, it is great to hear from over there. I understand you perfectly and welcome your insights.

Merci (One of at least two French words I know. The other ends in "...Fries")

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