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Satanic (?) digital comparison......

4672 Views 36 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  Mr-X an anti-collision system for digital races simillar to driving with magnets??????

When driving with magnets your car does not drift a lot, so kicking your oponent off his track is rather hard.

An anti-collision system for digital races would do the same (at crossovers).

I know the question is a little satanic, but what is your opinion...?????


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QUOTE it will be him who will have the next word (dernier mot)
Le dernier mot = the last word = the final decision.

QUOTE No holds bared for touring cars though
First time that driving naked has been proposed!
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The only thing that is certain is that lane changing is going to cause more disagreements over
  1. What the rule are.
  2. Interpretation of the rules, in actual racing situations.
  3. Assigning fault or blame, FAIRLY, when 'rules are broken'.
  4. Agreeing appropriate punishment for 'rule breaking'
  5. Maybe more.
None of which will be of the least use in home-racing and all of which has the potential to create much bad feeling and bad temper in organised racing. Every layer of additional complexity carries the unavoidable potential to trigger arguments among people who are already quite well-endowed with testosterone and/or the competitive spirit.
I KNOW - I am one!

The serious underlying point here is that assigning 'blame' FAIRLY for an incident at racing speed is usually impossible - although there is an abundance of people (usually everyone present!) who always 'know' that they are always 'right'! This leads to interesting and often heated discussion, which is where forums excel, but which tends to remove much of the fun from actual racing.
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Nico, you are of course completely correct in all that you say!
I really do agree with you.

I simply point out that there are still difficulties which will probably prevent it from ever becoming a mass- market product.
QUOTE if you don´t like the rules, simply do not race there!!
Completely correct, but it is still a big problem if we cannot get enough people in agreement with each other.

Again, for those who don't know me well, I am personally fascinated by digital and lane changes but we have to face the hard facts as well as the attractions! I try to be a realist - most of the time anyway!
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Lotus raises some interesting points - not sure how serious he is but, just for FUN, let's have a look at some of them
QUOTE I'm fed up (rant alert!) of everyone sticking up for the slow guys. No one gives a damn about Minardis, why should they care about slow slot racers?
Maybe we SHOULD give a damn about the Minardis?
Would Formula 1 be more or less interesting if the also-rans did not also run?
How interesting would F1 be if limited to, say, just three or four teams?
How much fun would slot racing be if all the also-rans got so fed up that they didn't turn up any more?

QUOTE The compotition is to find the fastest. Faster drivers should therefore be awarded. This can be done by letting them through (a gentlemans way of racing).
'Find the fastest'?
Not at all - anyone can drive 'fast'. The winner is the fastest AND MOST SKILFUL.
If the fast guys are so good, then why do they need nurse-maiding past the slower guys?
Let them do it the hard way, exactly the same as everyone else!

QUOTE The should not be punished by having to go off line to overtake backmarkers. I agree that when racing for position, you must go around the driver in front, because he has every right to block his position, but not when they are a lap down.
There are innumerable arguments about what makes the difference between 'defending the racing line' and 'blocking'. There is NO clear answer and those arguments will never ever end. What difference does 'when a lap down' make? The faster car/driver could quite easily have an incident before the race is over, an incident which may take him out completely or simply make him slower than the driver he has just been nurse-maided past. The ultimate conclusion to this approach is that everyone else should simply stop racing after being overtaken as they are obviously not as fast as the 'fast' guy and should not waste any more time and money so that he can grab the glory without any further competition or taking any risks!

QUOTE Let me ask you, how many times have you been racing and you have come up to lap 'Mr Trigger Happy Exhuberant Youth' who thinks he can stay with you for a lap, and takes you off, because clearly, he can't. I think that is downright out of order, and that kind of behaviour should be punished.
In this situation, 'you' (generalised you), should have the experience, skill and guile to choose the correct time and place to do it safely. 'YOU' are supposed to be the smart one, the fast one, then prove it with your skill and don't expect to have the race handed over to you on a plate! Oh, and don't EVER expect 'Mr Trigger Happy Exhuberant Youth' not to try to emulate any other 'speed crazed moron' in a competitive situation. Using a better driver/faster car as the role model, as a target, as a 'pacer', as the hare in dog race, is simply the best way there is of learning how to get round a circuit fast. Anyone with an ounce of red blood in their veins is going to try their damndest to keep up with the top guy - this is THE classic way improve skills!

QUOTE So I implore you (ooh, look at the fancy words...) reward your fast drivers, don't punish them... or there won't be any point in being fast...
There is a very strong argument to say that there is no kudos in simply being 'fast'. If you can't handle the other traffic, then you are just another 'speed crazed moron' who can't actually drive in the real world which is peopled with other competitive people! If a guy reckons he is 'the best', then he is going to have to keep on proving it, in tough competition, or he will no longer be.
No easy rides!

So, you see, there are always different points of view and counter arguments to everything.
This is what makes discussion so interesting.
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I must offer thanks to Elicend for expanding my French vernacular - excellent stuff!
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