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DEFRA is currently deciding future policy and usage of Forestry Commission land in the UK. There is a consultation ending on Sunday 31st July and it hasn't invited the motor sport community to join in. Which means lots of hobbits will try and kill off rallying because it gets in the way of their weekends of crushing flora and fauna with their ugly hiking boots and badge-encrusted sticks while en route to making another village pub look messy.

Therefore, if you fancy, cut and paste the following and email it to [email protected] with the title 'Forestry Review Panel'


Q1 - What do forests and woods mean to you?

As a conservation enthusiast, I think forests are a vital part of this country's heritage and infrastructure, as well as home to the world's best rally stages.

Q2 - What is your vision for the future of England's forests and woods?

Enjoying the world's best rally stages as one of Britain's most vibrant and inclusive sporting activities in which tens of thousands of people contribute towards, and enjoy, properly organised motor sport activities. Minority activities not excluded, such as motor sport. ALL existing activities undertaken with the Forestry Commission must be protected under any future sale contract.

Q3 - What do you feel to be the benefits of forests and woods to:

a) you personally;

The forests provide a valuable national resource for all. Personally that means watching and participating in properly organised and regulated motor sport events thanks to the quality of work undertaken by organizing clubs with the Forestry Commission. It is a significant achievement to be able to ensure that all motor sport events on Forestry Commission land take great care to avoid particular times of year that would adversely affect the natural habitat within the forests, e.g. mating seasons, etc. and to diminish or lose this valuable asset would spell disaster, not only to the tens of thousands or people who participate and hundreds of thousands of others who enjoy these events as spectators, but also fatally damage a sport at which Britain excels internationally and provides 40,000 jobs, 4,500 businesses and an estimated £4.5bn to the UK economy.

society as a whole;

Forests allow people from every section of the community and every geographical location easy access to outdoor life at minimal cost. They also offer significant opportunities to British engineers who develop the technology for rally cars that delivers direct benefits to the safety and fuel efficiency of road cars. With 40,000 people dependent upon motor sport for their incomes, and delivering a greater contribution to the economy than steel and agriculture combined, this is an invaluable resource for Britain.

c) the natural environment; and

Forests are a significant part of the natural order of British life. Although greatly reduced from their former size and concentration, they are nonetheless part of the fabric of society and need to be protected. Furthermore, when you are in a forest, it is completely impossible to see any wind farms blotting the landscape.

d) the economy?

Our forests generate significant revenues for the country through bringing in overseas tourists, including many thousands of competitors, media, team staff and fans to national and international rally events. With 40,000 people dependent upon motor sport for their incomes, and delivering a greater contribution to the economy than steel and agriculture combined, this is an invaluable resource for Britain.

Q4 - We would like to hear about your suggestions of practical solutions and good practice which can be replicated more widely.

Motor sport currently operates in association with the Forestry Commission to ensure that all legitimate motor sport events are properly organised, fully insured and undertaken with absolute consideration to other forest users. This same courtesy should be extended to other activities such as rambling, horse riding, mountain biking etc. As an example of the good practice which cuirently allows motor sport to flourish in the foresets, a Concordat already exists between the Motor Sports Association and the Forestry Commission which sets out, at a national level, a common understanding of best practice to minimise the impact of these activities on the surrounding environment. Similarly a Master Agreement also details the charges paid by motor sport events for the use of the forests - this central negotiation arrangement is essential to ensure a level playing field for both sides and all parties, and prevents the time-consuming need for smaller negotiations to take place around the country. These arrangements should be preserved and replicated for other activities on Forest Commission land.

Q5 - What do you see as the priorities and challenges for policy about England's forests and woods?

Ensuring that all existing users can continue to enjoy their use of the public forest estate and that the wider benefits for all of the existing arrangements can be underlined in order to preserve legitimate and responsible use of our wonderful forests.

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I have sent mine as I feel it is just another typical half story from the goverment and could have futher implications down the line banning access to the lands we have thought of as public land, dont forget they have already tried to sell the forests of to the xxxking pals Please all of you lodge some sort of responce or lose it.


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Copied, pasted and sent.

I'm another who wasn't aware of the situation. Has it been deliberately kept under the radar?

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I added this comment: QUOTE I think it is important to keep this in perspective. the amount of forestry land available to motor sport enthusiasts is a very small proportion leaving plenty of space for other pursuits.


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