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Scale Track - Thursday racing results 2012

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The first race meet on the scale track saw 12 members contest the Fly classic endurance test.

Four of the regular club members could not make the first meet: we wish George a speedy recovery, Andy M and David T need to sort their work/play balance out in favour of the latter, and Andy D needs to rediscover his mojo and get back on the horse.

Also we welcomed new member Simon whom acquited himself extremely well and will quickly be a competitive racer.

A short opening ceremony and a quick quaff of some champagne we got down to the job at hand - racing little cars.

The track, in parts, drives very differently and is inherently quicker than it's previous incarnation. The old tracks lap record for Fly Classic was 9.8 seconds and that was matched by the end of racing by me. As rubber is laid down, that time will come down.

6 pairings/teams took to the start and it was all close until the Collins/Farrow team lost a front wheel twice in the first section and repairs cost them about 10 laps in total. Right at the end of the first section Dick/Bob team lost a rear wheel but time loss was minimal as the curing time for the glue could take place in park ferme. In the third section Mick K/Simon front wheel fell off - this was from Mick Kerr's prepared cars and showed that these things can happen to non-mortals aswell.

However the Mick T/Little Andy and Ricky/Underwood team kept on pounding around, nether team setting the lap time alight but not coming out often and staying out of trouble - perfect endurance tactics. In the end Mick T/Little Andy's expereince saw them bring home the win by a few laps from Ricky/Underwood. Farrow/Collins came third, knowing that a trouble free, less offs and faster driving race would have seen them win
- we were all impressed by their indepth analysis and expect great improvement next time!

Mick K/Simon came a credible 4th with Simon improving by 10 laps in his second run from his first and in that second section he ran being on the same lap as the section winner. They were followed by Dick/Bob whom just pipped young Farrow/me whom took last place.

An excellent nights racing with good banter and fun - just what it is all about.

Next week, SCX WTCC mini series begins.

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SCX WTTC final last night with 11 racers competing for the mini series win.

Ricky with the lone Volvo competed against bob in the first step up final. Bobs transmission failed after the 2nd run and he was down a couple of laps. He borrowed a Honda from Andy and got in to the swing of it and in the end got on to the same lap as Ricky but did not manage to overhaul him. So Ricky took the win and a place in the C final where he joined Andy M, new racer Simon and David Farrow.

David and Andy took of in the lead with Ricky finding the pace a tad too hot and Simon still trying to get to grips with the tricky track although he showed continual improvement in his lap times and consistency. Andy deslotted a couple of times and david extended his lead to a lap going in to the penultimate lane. David's grip had come up significantly, too much in fact resulting in a poor run on yellow and a neck amd neck battle going in to the last section. However david gathered himself, concentrated and put in a good final run to take win and a place in the B final.

He joined Mick k, david collins and dick. David farrow pulled a commanding lead out in the first sectionwhile Mick k and david Collins battled it out for second. Dick struggled and was never able to catch up even after posting some very quick times in the middle lanes. Mick k managed to pull away from david Collins but could not haul in a very consistent david farrow whom took the win and a place in the A final.

Dacid farrow joined myself, Mike Thompson and David Twigg. David Twigg and I battled it out all the way although I lost it on the bus stop section when we were neck and neck in the penultimate section and then was taken out by the smiling assasin Thompson twice which lost me half a lap which David Twigg was not going to give up. So david Twigg won,followed by myself and then Mike Thompson with David Farrow 4th after he found the pace a tad too hot.

Next week F1

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Final of the Ninco Classic sereis last night with 14 turn up.

The two Gathercole brothers took to the track for the E final honours with the younger Simon winning the day and taking a place in the D final along with Sam Farrow, Kevin Coleman and Andy Merry. Andy with his XK120 and Kevin with an XK120 pulled out an early lead, with Andy having the quicker car but coming out and letting Kevin keep the lead. However in the second and third sections Andy found his rythym and increased his pace and pulled out a comfortable lead to take the win and a place in the C final.

Andy joined David Farrow, Ricky Gowan and David Collins. Andy, now with warm tyres romped off in to the lead with a good half a second a lap quicker than the others. Ricky and his corvette had controller issues whihc led to a number of offs and ended what at the start of the series promised so much more (always next time). The two David's both with Cobra's fought well with Mr Farrow prevailing to take 2nd in this final.

So Andy and his Jag joined Dick Gardner (Corvette), Mick Thompson (Ferrari 250 Testarosa) and Mick Kerr (Corvette) in the B final. Andy, Dick and Mick T were about 1/2 second a lpa quicker than Mr Kerr whom trundled round the back. Andy came out far too often as he pushed to stay in contention and ended up third. Dick had the faster car but came out a number of itmes allowing Mick T to stay right on his tail pipe. Going in to the last section Dick had about 1/4lap lead but then encountered major sparodic issues in that his car decided not to brake but carry on a full pelt. This handed a grateful Mick T the win and in the end put Dick in 4th with Andy second and Mick K 3rd.

So Mick T and his Ferrari joined myself (Corvette), David Twigg (defending Ninco Classic champon, Jag XK120) and Andy Dunmore (2011 Club Champ, Corvette) to battle out for mini series honours. A couple of take outs between me, Andy and Mick let David build a lead, one he extended throughout the run to take a comfortable and well deserved win. I had the quicker car out of rest of the field but was persauded out of the slot a couple of times by both Andy and Mick as I tried to get past them. In the end my speed prevailed and I took second. Mick, from a commanding 2nd place in the first section plummeted down the field and ended 4th and Andy D came third.

Next week Team Endurance LMP and then the final mini series of 2012 Group 5.

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Group 5 final and last mini series of 2012 was held last Thursday with 13 runners.

A number of members were out of position finding themselves in the D final having only competed in one qualifying round (best 2 of 3 qualifying weeks race evenings count). So Andy Dunmore lined up with Kevin Coleman, Andy Marry and David Twigg. David and Andy D led the way with Andy M having Fly Lanica problems dropping him to last in the first section from which he was not too recover. Kevin had a consistent run but was not quick enough to trouble the top two. David could keep pace with Andy D but came out too often and Andy took a comfortable win.

So Andy D joined Dick Gardner, John underwood and Ricky Gowan. Andy and his Fly BMW M1 romped to the lead and got quicker and quicker as his grip came up. The others had to fight for the remaining places with John, Fly racing BMW M1, having a strong and consistent run, however a tyre blow out and change of wheels put him down the order and he took third. Ricky with a HRS chassis MRRC Celica churned out the laps and came second, leaving Dick, MRRC Celica, although faster but coming out too often, in last.

So Andy progressed to the B final joining Bob (Fly BMW racing M1), David Collins (Fly Capri) and David Farrow (Carerra 512bb). Mr Farrow pulled out an early lead from Andy D only to come out and let Andy catch him up by the end of the first section. Bob and David C fought over 3rd and 4th with Bob having an excellent run to take third. David F was quicker than Andy and over the last 3 sections he increased his lead steadily to take the win.

So David F joined Mick Kerr (Fly Capri), Mick Thompson (Fly racing BMW M1) and myself (Fly BMW M1). After a first section incident Mick Kerr established a 1/4 lap lead from me then David and Mick T. mick K lost considerable grip in the second section and I took the lead by about a 1/3 of a lap. Halfway there was less than a lap separating all four of us. I maintained my lead in the third section and David F caught and passed Mick K. Mick came off once, lost quite a bit of time and came off again soon after resulting in lots of tyre crud and a tyre clean pit stop requirement. This allowed Mick T in to third which is where he finished. I managed to hold off a charging David F, helped by one off from him in the final section and his inability to keep the impressive laps times he managed in the third section.

So I took the final mini series of 2012. Next week is the final race series of the year which is F1.

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Humblest apologies Mr Ricky, will amend the post if i can.
Last championship race of the year saw only 6 brave the cold, however the club was actually quite toasty.

We did races of 3 so had 3 step up finals. David Collins and Ricky Gowan qualified for the C final. In pracitce both were knocking out 9.5 second laps however Ricky had a mare and his car was no where near that pace and came out far too often. David Collins took a comfortable win and then took on Dick Gardner and David Farrow. All were lapping in mid 9's with a few offs from David Collins putting his at the back of the field. One off and slow marshalling from me lost 1/2lap for David Farrow meaning Dick had early advantage. It stayed that way till the last section when David Farrow needing to make up 1 1/2laps on Dick was flying and taking 1/2second a lap off Dick. Not enough to overhaul him for the lead but enough to put pressure on him so he might make a mistake. However just as David was about to unlap himself he came out and my even slower marshalling lost him any chance.

So Dick took the win and the chance to fight wth me and Mick Kerr. I eventually took the win but only after both Mick and Dick had both pretty decent leads and then come out. Dicks had car trouble in the last section when a body post broke shedding a screw and with it any handling ability. That cost him 5 laps and resulted in last place, with Mick in second.

More annoying for Dick and David Farrow was the fact that both completed more laps in their B final tussle than any of us did in the A final.

So that concludes the championship for 2012 with the following overall results:

F1 Champion: Matt Tucker
Endurance Champion: Mick Kerr
B Class Champion: Ricky Gowan
Overall Club Champion: Matt Tucker
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