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Scale Track - Thursday racing results 2012

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The first race meet on the scale track saw 12 members contest the Fly classic endurance test.

Four of the regular club members could not make the first meet: we wish George a speedy recovery, Andy M and David T need to sort their work/play balance out in favour of the latter, and Andy D needs to rediscover his mojo and get back on the horse.

Also we welcomed new member Simon whom acquited himself extremely well and will quickly be a competitive racer.

A short opening ceremony and a quick quaff of some champagne we got down to the job at hand - racing little cars.

The track, in parts, drives very differently and is inherently quicker than it's previous incarnation. The old tracks lap record for Fly Classic was 9.8 seconds and that was matched by the end of racing by me. As rubber is laid down, that time will come down.

6 pairings/teams took to the start and it was all close until the Collins/Farrow team lost a front wheel twice in the first section and repairs cost them about 10 laps in total. Right at the end of the first section Dick/Bob team lost a rear wheel but time loss was minimal as the curing time for the glue could take place in park ferme. In the third section Mick K/Simon front wheel fell off - this was from Mick Kerr's prepared cars and showed that these things can happen to non-mortals aswell.

However the Mick T/Little Andy and Ricky/Underwood team kept on pounding around, nether team setting the lap time alight but not coming out often and staying out of trouble - perfect endurance tactics. In the end Mick T/Little Andy's expereince saw them bring home the win by a few laps from Ricky/Underwood. Farrow/Collins came third, knowing that a trouble free, less offs and faster driving race would have seen them win
- we were all impressed by their indepth analysis and expect great improvement next time!

Mick K/Simon came a credible 4th with Simon improving by 10 laps in his second run from his first and in that second section he ran being on the same lap as the section winner. They were followed by Dick/Bob whom just pipped young Farrow/me whom took last place.

An excellent nights racing with good banter and fun - just what it is all about.

Next week, SCX WTCC mini series begins.

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I thought i was 2nd?im sure i worked past all except Andy D
Am i Right or am i getting illusions of grandeur again?

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