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In readiness for the new season I'm painting up a Scaleauto Porsche to run with our BRM's (to be decided).

The kit is a bit of small challenge as it comes in white! Yes just about everything, now I know why people buy pre-painted cars.

Decals from: decals or from Pendle

Tip for decals, as I use autoair colours they tend to dry matt when sprayed through my airbrush, to help the decals stick I give the surface a quick coat of thin lacquer and let it dry before adding the decals.

Once the decals are applied I leave them to dry for 2 days, this will stop the decals deforming due to moister under them then finish off with lacquer.

More pics soon...


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Hi Phil,

That is looking very nice again, shaping up to your very high standards.

I have the same shell, partially finished waiting for 2nd colour! since march!!

Can't wait to see the finished article.

Must post my amateur efforts.



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Look forward to seeing your car Dave.

All the decals are on the car now, Driver and other bits painted, blue wheels with silver brake disks and red brake calipers. Still need to drill out the side windows with some holes as per the full size car (ventilation)

Final coat of lacquer just needs doing but waiting for weather to warm up and dry out as the damp just cocks up the lacquer, you get an orange peal effect on the surface which is not good.

I would lacquer it in the front room that's nice and warm, although I would end up with some vital bits missing from between my legs if my wife found out!

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Finished! oh except for the front head light, it was missing in the pack, have to get one from somewhere think I will phone Pendle Monday.

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