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Scaleauto motor

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Evening all,
I was at the shop today and they now have A scaleauto 35,000 rpm motor to fit most of our RTR cars. I have no idea what to put it in but the torque figure was amazing: 190gm/cm.(GRUNT/cm.) Over half again the power of my beloved V12/2b 25,000 motor! The prof. said the feedback has been very good on it, and it is a dollar less than the v12. (So I HAD to buy one.) Anyone tried them around here? I'll wager I'll be gearing down on my track.

Looking for a bigger hammer,
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tehe... if you can't read it it says 350g/cm!

Only 23,500rpm though, lol

Now this motor is a bomb!

Get one or five and put them in everything you own...


PS. If that is not fast enough:

31,000rpm and 226g/cm
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I've used the NC6 in my Slot.It Audi, and found that I think it's the best motor you can put into it for a plexi track. For routed I'd go for something faster with less torque. I've also used it in a Porsche GT1 '98 Evo and it flys... Beccause it's quite a heavy motor (compared to mabuchis) it goes well in light cars like the Fly Racing cars or the Slot.It cars. Try it, you'll like it... If you are dissatisfied, send all you're used NC6s to me with a stamped address envelope and I will send you a personalised thank you note.

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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