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Scaleauto motor

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Evening all,
I was at the shop today and they now have A scaleauto 35,000 rpm motor to fit most of our RTR cars. I have no idea what to put it in but the torque figure was amazing: 190gm/cm.(GRUNT/cm.) Over half again the power of my beloved V12/2b 25,000 motor! The prof. said the feedback has been very good on it, and it is a dollar less than the v12. (So I HAD to buy one.) Anyone tried them around here? I'll wager I'll be gearing down on my track.

Looking for a bigger hammer,
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I've only got one of these motors yet, but in my experience this is the best motor on a standard Scalex power supply. I used it to replace the standard motor in my Slot It Porsche, and it seems to have more torque in addition to more top end speed.
Does anyone know anything about the durability of this motor? Does it slow down faster than a Slot It?

There has been a couple of "Pro Race" Subarus with the NC6 motor at the club, and I'm not really impressed with them. The cars were raced no-mag, maybe it is better suited for magnet cars like Sprint say...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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