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Scaleauto motor

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Evening all,
I was at the shop today and they now have A scaleauto 35,000 rpm motor to fit most of our RTR cars. I have no idea what to put it in but the torque figure was amazing: 190gm/cm.(GRUNT/cm.) Over half again the power of my beloved V12/2b 25,000 motor! The prof. said the feedback has been very good on it, and it is a dollar less than the v12. (So I HAD to buy one.) Anyone tried them around here? I'll wager I'll be gearing down on my track.

Looking for a bigger hammer,
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I would tend to agree that on relatively small home tracks, the SC07 would be more of a problem than a help - it is VERY violent! But then I firmly believe that the standard RTR motors are also way more powerful than any normal hometrack needs or can properly use.

However, on our good sized club track, the SC07 fitted to an old Scalextric Ferrari, together with a replacement rectangular bar mag and NO other mods, absolutely thrashed allcomers, including V12 powered cars. This was using standard Scaley 60/70 ohm controllers, which made it a right handful to drive, tending to be off/on with precious little in between. However, once used to this, there was nothing to touch the car. I suspect there is no motor that can compete with it using 1 amp power supplies.
Beppe and Fergy

Regarding the SC07, without contradicting your comments on amperage requirements for best performance possible, my own comments are based on real-world performance on our large SCX club track, where each lane is supplied with its own 15v/1.2amp power supply unit. With these 1.2 amp PSUs, my SC07 simply trounced all standard Scalextric, V12, SCX Turbo and all variants of Ninco powered cars. It doesn't really matter that it would have been capable of even more performance with twice the existing amperage, as it did the job thoroughly convincingly with what was actually available.

I, some considerable way over the peak of youthful reflexes and eyesight, broke the lap record during the actual race, having previously been nowhere near it and, after the race, during a half hour of uninterrupted practice, with me using a V12 powered car as a 'pacer', the club champ then took a whole second out of the existing 8.5 second lap record! Until I produced this 'missile', he had not believed such a massive improvement was remotely possible, but there was the real-world proof, right on the track for all to see.

It's very hard to make meaningful comparisons when the level of magnetic assistance employed can make such huge differences to the power required by any motor (in addition to enabling utterly ridiculous cornering speeds!). But, by a mixture of low cunning, luck and experiment, I seem to have arrived at exactly the right combination of motor and magassistance to produce a winning performance from the limited amperage actually available. I have a few Mabuchi 16/16Ds that are more powerful still, but none of these could could grab enough amperage to perform as well as the SC07. SC07 just seems to be pitched about 'right' for our particular track and power, where the V12s seemed to be only a tiny bit faster than standard Scaleys.

I guess our next season will now produce a lot of red-canned cars but I still have one or two tricks up my sleeve! I really disapprove of mag assistance but it doesn't stop me from taking maximum advantage of it when necessary! However, my favourite trick would be to bar magnetic assistance altogether, which would obviate any need for motors with more oomph than standard.

Prior to the race, I had done a little comparative work on the Kelvin test bench. Results scribbled on bits of scruffy paper, lying around all over the place, but I will try to dig them up and post the figures later. It can be interesting to compare static figures with real world race results and see if the test bench figures were in any way borne out during actual racing.
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These are quite old Scaley standalone transformer/rectifiers, producing DC, large blue cylinders, not the little black wall warts that produce AC.
I don't know if they are regulated or not.
QUOTE Better yet.... talk the club into a high current supply....
Hard to talk our club into anything!
eg. I forgot to mention that these superb performances were produced using hard-wired, standard, 60/70 ohms Scalextric controllers and, with standard cars, this is fine, but with that combination produced an illegitimate fornicator of a car to control!
I WILL try to find those test bench results today and maybe produce a few more to go with them. Shortage of kitchen space means using the test bench as a breadboard on bleary eyed brainless mornings such as this . . . I wonder what is the resistance of toast crumbs and marmalade . . . I think I need a housekeeper and secretary.
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