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Scaleauto motor

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Evening all,
I was at the shop today and they now have A scaleauto 35,000 rpm motor to fit most of our RTR cars. I have no idea what to put it in but the torque figure was amazing: 190gm/cm.(GRUNT/cm.) Over half again the power of my beloved V12/2b 25,000 motor! The prof. said the feedback has been very good on it, and it is a dollar less than the v12. (So I HAD to buy one.) Anyone tried them around here? I'll wager I'll be gearing down on my track.

Looking for a bigger hammer,
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Hi Harry, we use the Red Scaleauto on our big Ninco club track;
with magnet : Fly Chevron ( or other similar classic) with 8/9 : 36 gear, slot-it pick up and braids, and also rear axle with bushings : it's a bomb!

And also the Fly Corvette, with rear slot it axle and gears 8 : 29/30 and very small front tyres is a rocket, and also controllable.

Without mag : slot-it Porsche, with sidewinder motor mount; 9/10 : 36 gear and some weight at the rear of the pick up and on the chassis' sides runs very well.

But we all use good controllers, such as Professor motor or Parma modified by NSR, or also NSR electronic and our track has long straights : on a home track with simple controllers I think the scaleauto will be a problem and not a solution.

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We have tried the Nc 4 Stinger : a good motor, but less powerful than the SC07;
31000 rpm at 14,5 v, but at 12v much less. I use it in a Ninco Lola Cart, without mag, and I like it, but others with the SC07 win the race!

Until now I haven't seen a NC6 on the track, but I believe it's more useful in heavy vehicles such as the Pajero, than for light and fast racing ones.
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