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Scaleauto motor

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Evening all,
I was at the shop today and they now have A scaleauto 35,000 rpm motor to fit most of our RTR cars. I have no idea what to put it in but the torque figure was amazing: 190gm/cm.(GRUNT/cm.) Over half again the power of my beloved V12/2b 25,000 motor! The prof. said the feedback has been very good on it, and it is a dollar less than the v12. (So I HAD to buy one.) Anyone tried them around here? I'll wager I'll be gearing down on my track.

Looking for a bigger hammer,
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QUOTE I cannot understand why nobody measures current draw these days - that's the real indication of the energy put into play

Perhaps because that would get in the way of the day-glo motor can marketing. It's like 0-60mph (or fuel consumption figures for that matter) - they are meaningless and usually unrepeatable by most drivers, but a reasonable comparative measure in the absence of any other.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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