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I have four of these cars, and none seem identical. Motors are different, wheels are different, chassis, are different, kinda odd. I like the body so I decided to raid the parts bin to see what I could come up with that might run well and be a bit, uh, different.

Ended up with an MTR-32 chassis, TSRF motor, Ninco wire, Slotting Plus guide, Slot It gears, drillblank axles, Slot It and some other (I can't remember) wheels, stock front tires, homemade urethane rear tires and Slot Car Corner bearings. The motor is a handful on my track, I'm still moving weight around.

One thing I noticed with this project is that the "usual" motors do not have threaded holes for screw-mounting to the chassis. Slot It, Scaley and other motors I had around require holders on both ends of the motors. Kinda disappointing, because mounting to the MTR-32 chassis I have is really easy with the (I thought) standard screws.

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