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The mystery kit (as discussed here ) arrived on Saturday. I got it from who I've used twice recently, both times the service has been excellent so I can recommend them to you. I have no relationship, financial interest etc.

Back to the kit. As can be seen in the pics it appears to be a bit of a bastard size, bigger than 1/32 but not as big as 1/24. The body is 68mm x 158mm and not knowing the dimensions of the original car it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where between the two scales it falls.

The kit is quite simple, there is just a two part 'clam-shell arrangement' for the body and chassis, seperate wing and a one piece transparent screen casting. No interior is provided but I have a Betta 1/24 vacform tray interior intended for a BSCRA car and a Tamiya 1/24 hard plastic helmetted head to graft onto it.

For the chassis I think I'll be OK with a PCS32. The width of the car is too wide for reuse of existing axles, but fortunately the original kit was motorized and used a 3/32" axle so I'll use two 1/24 axles of this size cut down. The original tyres are quite soft rubber so hopefully the kit wheels and tyres might be OK.

I also received a Matchbox 1:32 Jag SS from ebay on Saturday but think the Bertone will be scratchbuild project #2.



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