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Scalex 1970 Mustang

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I have been wondering for a while about this.

Scalextric have first released the Mustang '69 and then the Mustang '70. But after that the model kit was only the '69 and every new livery of a Mustang has been the '69. I cannot see any particular reason for this - it seems to be a shame that since they have the 1970 mould - why not use it. I would certainly like to se at least a road version with lights in front and rear...

Additionally to that I would be really interested in the 1968 Mustang and then ofcourse the 1971 version as well.....

and the '67 and... and ... and oh yes the Mercury Cougar 1968... convertible

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Next to the new Ford GT I'd very much like to see the all new 2005 Mustang ...

It's got its 'old looks' back, sort of ....

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QUOTE (Difflock @ 19 Mar 2004, 02:15)maybe with a couple of up-and-over stripes in a contrasting colour too.
And a new Shelby Mustang is born ....

While we're on the subject; there's a new Shelby Cobra as well.

But I'm drifting off the slotcars topic too much now. Haven't got a clue why there's only one '70 model and still new '69s coming out. I hope there will be a cool street version as well, even as some more Camaro year models, and .... and ..... etc.
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