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Have to agree. My Scalextric GT40 (Sport model, red #3) suffered a relatively minor off in practise before its first ever race. Didn't look a bad one but one of the uprights that hold the axles in (you know the things, two 'horns' that come up from the chassis and grip the bushing) snapped clean off and disappeared. £29.99, and about two minutes of running...

So out came the superglue and superglued the bushings to see if it would at least hold together for the evening. It did although the sole remaining front "under nose" light fell out and disappeared - the previous one had dropped out while being driven in my car from work to club.

Anyway, didn't want any hassle with the GT40 being not box-stock anymore so, decided to up magnet it for the "two magnets, formula libre class". On the recommendations of another stuck another bar magnet behind the motor, plumbed for a ProSlot neodinium.

Put the car on the track and it now stalls on crests as the magnetic downforce is too much for the weak chassis and pulls it downwards onto the track...

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