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I run a Scalextric digital setup with a new APB and SSDC software.

I have 6 transit vans (panel vans) which are based on Scalextirc Ferrari F430's with magnets. I use these to get my guests familiar with the layout.

Then we move to GT's (Ferrari F430, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche Boxter) with magnets so the racing gets faster and more difficult.

Finally I run six Scalextric Ford Taurus NASCARS (the old ones from the Bash 'n' Crash sets - in line motors etc.) These are run with my own home made urethane tyres (shore 20 so they are really sticky) and NO MAGNETS.

The racing gets slower but much harder - requiring a much smoother driving style and a degree of patience when trying to catch the car in front. The cars slide in a really controllable manner and lane change seamlessly (I used F1 in-car chips to digitise them).

The NASCARS are by far the most challenging drive and, when you get used to them, are the most fun.

So - rather than turn the magnet around - why not throw it away? It's much more fun.
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