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I found this magnet to be the best for Scalextric track: SLOT.IT SICN02 - MAGNET NEODYMIUM FOR SCALEXTRIC.

It is what they call a "C" shape and I found placing the magnet with the gap facing down towards the rails gave the perfect amount of traction.

This magnet here: SLOT.IT SICN01 - NEODYMIUM MAGNET FOR SCALEXTRIC, I find is about the same as the stock Scalextric bar magnet, so will be to strong for your liking.

I would suggest the SICN02 then, but as I said face it so the gap in the magnet is facing down as it is not as strong this way around.

You may have to file a little plastic around where the magnet fits in the car to get the perfect fit, but this may depend on the car as I know they are not all the same regarding how the magnet is held in, so you may well find the magnet will just fit straight in perfectly anyway.
I use this magnet on my Scalextric Porsche 997 C3079 car, and to get the magnet to sit perfectly flat in the magnet position I had to file away around the edges of the slot a little.

I think on your car the magnet just clips in position so you will be able to fit the magnet straight in.

Not sure if this is still too powerful of a magnet for you though but for what they cost it has to be worth a try.

Professor Motor also do some gold coloured thinner magnets that are not so powerful, but won't stay in position without gluing or a shim to hold them in place. Also be warned with these PM magnets that they can break in half easily if they are allowed to snap together with another magnet or say the motor can too hard, because they are so thin!!.
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