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QUOTE (jnr_seahorse @ 29 Nov 2004, 12:01)Excellent review Nuro with some great photos.

You mention it is faster than the Scaley Impreza and Lancer. Is this unmodified or with the weights you mentioned? Also any idea how it runs compared to other brands, a SCX 206 for example?

I am certain that one will be winging its way to me VERY soon!


I have removed the magnets on the other Scalextric rally cars and added 2.5 g of weight behind the guide. I've trued their rear tyres and added some nail varnish to the fronts. Their problem, with their old guides, is that they're a little top-heavy and tend to pop out of the slot on the bends.

The Škoda sits much better, with better tyres, guide, weight distribution and the 4-wheel drive. It's honestly on a different level to the others.
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