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Scalextric 4lane in Sweden

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This is my (our) 1:32 Scalextric classic track at our club.
It started out as a birthdaygift (30 yrs) for myself and has grown into this in 2 years.
But I didn't have room for it so I put it all up at the club (
We also have an 1:24 Blue King.

The track is 26,8 meters long in all 4 lanes.
Fastest trackrecord is 7,227 sec with a FLY Corvette C5R.(we only count in records made by Magnatraction 2 cars...
the magnet is powerful enough to hold the car in a vertical way but not upside down...)
We use PARMA 45ohm handles wired with braking and SlotRaceManager system.

Give me your comments please

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looks like a hell of a track. I suggest you add so trees and decors good luck and welcome to slot forum
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