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Scalextric 4lane in Sweden

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This is my (our) 1:32 Scalextric classic track at our club.
It started out as a birthdaygift (30 yrs) for myself and has grown into this in 2 years.
But I didn't have room for it so I put it all up at the club (
We also have an 1:24 Blue King.

The track is 26,8 meters long in all 4 lanes.
Fastest trackrecord is 7,227 sec with a FLY Corvette C5R.(we only count in records made by Magnatraction 2 cars...
the magnet is powerful enough to hold the car in a vertical way but not upside down...)
We use PARMA 45ohm handles wired with braking and SlotRaceManager system.

Give me your comments please

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QUOTE (Difflock @ 7 Mar 2004, 12:15 AM)Looks like a fast, challenging track you have there! Welcome to SlotForum!!

To make marshalling easier you could cut the right corner of the table to follow the track more closely. You may want to make some scenery too, but that is up to you and your club members.

Have fun


It is a very fast track but with loads of difficulities in it.
We have tried to make a track that doesn't "age" as fast.

Thanx for the input
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Why don't you join the Swedish Scalextric club on the 3/4-04????
They're gonna have the first round of the championship on our track. More info on
(I think the last roud in the championship is somewhere around you.....)
outer-outer corners wasn't in my possesion when we built the track. Borders is on the way...custom-made

regarding the scenary....
We talked about that and decided that the "club"-version is for pure racing and we wouldn't build anything on it.
It is easier without buildings if we want to change layout as well. One of the reasons that we didn't cut of the corner on the table as well

Thanx for the input
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Hi Steve...
Glad you liked the track.....
The new layout you've made was awesome....gonna show it to a few members in the club...if it's OK by you ????

We do use the crash'n'burn style when we race GT-Specials and Rallycross. your design at your hometrack. Really good work there

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