Incomplete Scalextric Alfa Romeo body that could be used for spares or as the basis for a rebuild.
It includes fittings as photo's, ie. front axle, new wheel bearings, front wheels (these are fairly old but in good condition), interior, radiator, bonnet straps, chrome fittings, wings and headlights; 2 rear wheels are included but these are both broken. The windscreen has a very slight split at the top of the aero screen.
It excudes the motor with pinion gear and harness, guide blade assembly and eyelets, driver figure, front and rear motor brackets, rear axle, contrate gear and rear axle bearings. Also missing are the headlight lenses, radiator cap top and rear body pin.
There is a small blue plastic leg missing on the underside (indicated on the last photo) but this in no way effects the car's appearance or operation. Otherwise in very good condition.
Price is £30-00 (plus UK postage)........worth it for the wings and headlights alone, which are brand new!